How to Treat Constipation in Dogs?

How to Treat Constipation in Dogs? I believe that many poop shovelers will encounter the problem of dog constipation. At first, they thought it was the same as diarrhoea and didn’t pay much attention to it. However, constipation in dogs should not be underestimated. Although sometimes it is just indigestion, if it is severe and the owner does not notice it, it will also affect the dog’s health. Let the Vigorousism analyze why dogs have constipation today. How to Treat Constipation in Dogs?

How to Treat Constipation in Dogs
How to Treat Constipation in Dogs

Why Do Dogs Get Constipated?

Bad eating habits

Some of the causes of constipation in dogs are caused by food. For example, dogs who eat meat or bones for a long time will often cause constipation. Moreover, eating foods with low fibre and high meat content and drinking less water at ordinary times can easily cause constipation. When the dog swallows some foreign objects, such as gravel, toys, hair, weeds and cloth strips, etc., it will affect its defecation.

Excessive pressure

Humans all suffer from stomach pains and even constipation due to stress and tension, and dogs are no exception. Generally speaking, a dog will desire to defecate only in a calm and relaxed state. If it is under stress or tension all day long, it will defecate slowly, which will cause constipation.

Get Angry

When a dog is on a regular diet, suddenly going to the toilet is like a rock, challenging, and pulling a little bit at a time, which is not as pleasant as usual. It means that the dog is on fire. Don’t underestimate the dog. If it gets angry, the dog’s butt will hurt for several days, and it will not be able to poop these days, which makes the dog very uncomfortable.


Insufficient exercise in dogs will reduce the body’s digestive system and metabolic rate. The body will not get regular consumption for a long time, making the body obese, which will lead to constipation in dogs.


Many excrement shovelers will have questions, why does dog hair have anything to do with constipation? When the dog’s hair is too long, it will swallow their fur. Affected by the hairball, the dog will have constipation. In addition, faeces in the hair under the dog’s tail can also cause anal inflammation and painful defecation. Therefore, it is necessary to comb the dog’s hair regularly.

How to treat constipation in dogs?

Drink plenty of water

Just like humans, dogs need to drink enough water daily to keep their bodies functioning properly. Drinking enough water can promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion, so there will be no constipation.

Consume Natural Fiber

Bran cereal and pumpkin are natural sources of fibre that dogs love. You could add some pumpkin or vegetables to your dog’s food to increase crude fibre and help your dog’s gastrointestinal motility. But every time to moderate, I can not overeat.

Eat dog food that is rich in nutrients and does not get angry

As mentioned above, one of the causes of dog constipation is getting angry. Sometimes the food contains too much salt and will also get mad. Therefore, to relieve constipation, it is best to pay attention to a light diet and not feed it with too much salt. The best food for dogs is soft dog food that does not get angry.

Give it snacks to reduce fire

The excrement shoveler can give it some dried duck snacks that can grind its teeth and reduce the fire when it is training or interacting. That will not only make it cooperate but also make it less prone to getting angry. Why not?

These are just some of my experiences and suggestions to share with you. The best way is to raise it reasonably and not spoil it too much. Otherwise, your spoiling will likely cause the dog to be constipated! Also, the solutions mentioned above are only suitable for mild constipation. If your dog has not pooped for a week, please take it to the doctor immediately!

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