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Dear Writers, The Vigorousism Warmly welcomes writers from all around the world on our leading Health & Fitness platform to write for us.

Our community is a Fast-growing Vigorousism Website with visitors looking for Health & Fitness information, stories, news, and articles. Awesome, isn’t it? Right!! It’s every writer’s dream to reach an audience of that size and caliber.

Hence, we are providing an amazing opportunity for Writers to get wide visibility and a platform to share their Health knowledge or content. You can contribute your valuable content to our homepage at competitive rates. Of course, Quality is our first priority rather than Quantity and we don’t compromise on that.

What we publish?

Vigorousism is tightly focused on Health, Fitness, and Foods. We are looking for authors or writers who can write for us and we can publish original articles to share how a person can take care of his/her health at home, The secret behind Health and fitness, Healthcare ideas and strategies to be vigorous always. We like to work with individual authors. If your Friends & people you know are interested to write for us.  That would be great. Bring them on and send them all the guidelines as mentioned below.

Things you need to follow while “write for us”?

Unique and distinctive Content

People are always looking for fresh Tips and new ideas. It helps in daily life to boost their health knowledge. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. This is what helps to make us different from others. If you have such an information or tips to tell, just bring your typing keyboard and write for us.

To get a fresh idea, you better go through our website content and analyze what type of content we are publishing. In this way, you will get an idea of how we are proceeding and how you need to approach us with fresh information about health.

Simple and Engaging

Initially, you might think to start with a big and broad content idea, for example, “What is the benefits of eating apple”. But in most cases, content with simplicity and a narrow approach does the best. Because They provide to the point and valuable content that attracts more audiences. For example, “How eating apple helps in weight loss” or “nutrition value of apples, all you need to do is to do deep research and make a strategy accordingly. Content must encourage people to read more and hunt for more information.

Yes, we do accept sponsored posts at competitive prices, from the companies who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. Please note that this is not like an advertising fee for your company but it helps to grow a strong brand name among our readers.

We accept Guest posts only for Paid Links or Sponsored posts at competitive rates. For more details,

You can contact us via the form at the end of this page. You can Email us admin@vigorousism.com

What we don’t Allow?

•             Too much Promotion

•             Already published Content

•             Copied Content

•             Misleading/Wrong information

•             Use of Your own Pics/images

•             Individual Profiles

Guidelines to Follow for Article Submission

Choose topics: Before Pitching for your article submission, kindly go through our articles and make sure your article is related to our site.

We prefer submissions as Google documents so that we can easily check and guidance directly within your draft.

Word Limit: We only allow articles that contain at least 600 words Better to right article between (1000-1500 words).

Formatting subheads: Give proper titles, H1, and H2 tags as required.

Add Links: Add 1-2 external links as well as internet links to our site too.

Plagiarism free: 100% plagiarism-free

Author: You can include author’s short bio.

Approval time: its sponsored post, the post will get approved and intimate you via email in 1-2 business days.

Revision: Once an article is published, we do not allow Revisions, if it is highly required, we can make changes by our own.

If everything goes well, we will publish your article as soon as the payments done and will email you the article link.

Whom do we allow to publish?

We accept only individual writers, Professional Writers, or Freelancers to write for us. We prefer content from Bloggers, Doctors, and Mentors who have in-depth knowledge rather than a general base of health, fitness, or foods.

Your writing should demonstrate that you’re able to offer unique, tactical insights, inspired based upon your hands-on experience; posts that offer advice, Experiences, how to, etc.

What is Guest Posting or “write for us” all about and What are the benefits of it?

Guest posting in simple words is writing content for another company’s website. Many websites invite and allow for guest posting & sponsored posts. Even they have a dedicated page for guest posting named “write for us”. Mostly, guest bloggers or writers approach websites of the same niche or industry in order to get

•             High Back Traffic

•             Increases website domain authority

•             Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility

•             And help in creating connections within the same industry

It should be noted that Guest blogging or “write for us” or sponsored posts not only benefits the writer but as well as for the website hosting the guest content.

Why is guest posting important for your business?

“Write for us” or guest posting is one of the most popular Seo strategies that every company is using for a  long time. It provides a number of benefits for any type of business. It will help you to give a stage to showcase your expertise and valuable ideas/knowledge.

Then what are you waiting for! Write For Us Today.

Use the contact form below to get in touch. You will receive feedback today.

Topics We Cover

•             HealthCare

•             Fitness

•             Foods

•             Weight loss

•             Pet Health

•             Tips for health

Some Ways To Find Guest Posting Sites

You Can Search These Queries On Google Like : “free guest post” + “keyword” , “free guest post” + “Health” , “free guest post” + “Fitness” , “free guest post” + “foods” , “free guest post” + “weight loss”, “free guest post” + “beauty” , “free guest post” + “skin” , “free guest post” + “fruits” , “free guest post” + “vegetables” , “free guest post” + “medicines” , “free guest post” + “gym” , “free guest post” + “exercise” , “free guest post” , “submit guest post” + “Healthy” , “Fit” + “submit article”

Popular Search Strings For Guest Post Websites

Your Keyword “become a contributor”

Keyword “become a guest blogger”

Your Keyword “guest posting guidelines”

Keyword “become guest writer”

Your Keyword “submit content”

Your Keyword “contributor guidelines”

Keyword “guest author”

Keyword “guest post courtesy of”

Your Keyword “contribute to our site”

Search Keyword “guest post opportunities”

Your Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest poster wanted”

Your Keyword “guest posts wanted”

Search Keyword “guest column”

Your Keyword “looking for guest posts”

Your Keyword “send a tip”

Search Keyword “submit an article”

Keyword “contributing writer”

Search Keyword “become an author”

Keyword “submit article”

Your Keyword “submit blog post”

Search Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Your Keyword “submit guest post”

Your Keyword “submit post”

Keyword “submit your content”

Your Keyword “submit news”

Search Keyword “suggest a post”

Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”

Keyword “This post was written by”

Search Keyword “want to write for”

Your Keyword “submit for us “Your Keyword “guest article”

Keyword “writers wanted”

Search “Your Keyword “guest blogger”

Keyword “articles wanted”

Your Keyword inurl: “guest blogger”

Keyword inurl: “guest post”

“guest posting” + “keyword”

You Can Search These Queries On Google Like

“guest posting” + “keyword” , “guest posting” + “Health“, “guest posting” + “Fitness” , “guest posting” + “fit” , “guest posting” + “Healthy” , “guest posting” + “Foods” , “guest posting” + “Fruits” , “guest posting” + “Vegetables” , “guest posting” + “Weight loss” , “guest posting” + “Skin” , “guest posting” + “Beauty” , “guest posting” + “pet health” , “guest posting” + “health care” , “guest posting” + “nutrition’s” , “guest posting” + “supplements” , “guest posting” + “gym” , “guest posting” + “exercise” , “guest posting” + “Yoga “

“Health” + “Write For Us”

Mobile Mall blog really appreciates guest posts and content that is relevant to Health, we welcome “Health write for us” content and articles that stuff are demonstrating Health news and updates.

More Ways & Queries To Submit Guest Post On Health Blog

“write for us Health”

“write to us” + “Health”

“guest posting” + “Health”

“submit guest post” + “Health”

“Health guest post”

“free guest posting” + “Health”

“submit Health guest post”

“write for us” + “Health”

“free guest post” + “Health”

Health “Write For Us”

We are accepting “Health Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of Health related content.

You Can Find More Health Guest Post Blogs By Searching

“Health” + “write to us”

“guest posting” + “Health”

“write for us Health”

“guest post” + “Health”

“Health” + “write for us”

“submit Health guest post”

“submit guest post Health”

“Health” + “submit guest post”

“Health” + “free guest post”

Fitness “Write For Us”

Also focusing upon latest fitness related guest posts. Our editors appreciate those articles elaborating new & trending fitness.

Some Relevant Search Strings For Fitness Guest Posts

“write for us fitness”

“write for us” + “fitness”

“write for us” + “fitness review”

“fitness” + “free guest posting”

“guest posting” + “fitness”

“submit guest post” + “fitness”

Still Looking More Ways To Find Guest Posts ?

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FAQ About Write For Us/Guest Posting

What is guest posting?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is the practice of writing and publishing content on someone else’s website or blog as a guest contributor. It’s a way for writers, experts, and content creators to share their insights, knowledge, and ideas with a new audience, while also gaining exposure and building relationships within their niche.

Why is guest posting important?

Guest posting offers several benefits, including:
Increased Exposure: Guest posts allow you to reach a new and potentially larger audience.
Authority Building: Sharing your expertise in a particular field can help you establish yourself as an authority.
Backlinks: Guest posts often include links to your own website, which can improve your site’s search engine ranking.
Networking: It’s a way to connect with other professionals and bloggers in your industry.
Traffic Generation: Quality guest posts can drive traffic back to your own website.
Brand Awareness: Writing for authoritative sites can enhance your brand’s visibility.

How do I find guest posting opportunities?

You can find guest posting opportunities by:
Research: Identify websites or blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.
Networking: Connect with other bloggers and writers in your industry who might offer opportunities.
Search Engines: Use search queries like “write for us,” “guest post guidelines,” or “submit a guest post” along with your niche keywords.
Social Media: Check platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups where bloggers often share guest posting opportunities.
Guest Post Platforms: There are online platforms that connect writers with websites looking for guest contributors.

How do I pitch a guest post?

When pitching a guest post, consider the following:
Research: Understand the target blog’s audience, style, and content to tailor your pitch accordingly.
Personalize: Address the recipient by name and show you’ve read their guidelines.
Pitch Idea: Clearly present your topic idea, outlining its relevance and potential value to their readers.
Brief Bio: Provide a brief bio highlighting your expertise and credentials.
Previous Work: If applicable, include links to some of your previous work.
Follow Guidelines: Follow any submission guidelines provided by the target blog.

What should a guest post include?

A guest post should generally include:
High-Quality Content: Well-researched, engaging, and valuable content that aligns with the host blog’s audience.
Proper Formatting: Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points for easy readability.
Author Bio: A brief author bio with a link to your own website or social media profiles.
Images: Relevant images or graphics to enhance the visual appeal of your post.
Internal/External Links: Incorporate both internal links (to the host blog’s content) and external links (to authoritative sources).
Follow Guidelines: Adhere to any guidelines provided by the host blog regarding word count, formatting, and style.
Remember that guest posts should provide value to the readers of the host blog and fit seamlessly into their existing content.

What are some guest post best practices?

To make the most of your guest posting efforts:
Choose Reputable Sites: Contribute to high-quality and authoritative websites within your niche.
Focus on Quality: Prioritize well-researched, well-written, and original content.
Build Relationships: Interact with the host blog’s audience through comments and social media.
Promote Your Post: Share your guest post across your own social media and networks.
Be Professional: Follow the host blog’s guidelines, meet deadlines, and maintain a professional tone.
Engage with Feedback: Respond to comments on your guest post to foster discussion.
By following these best practices, you can create a positive and productive guest posting experience.

How can I use Google to find guest posting sites?

Google can be a powerful tool for finding guest posting opportunities. Here’s how you can use it effectively:
Keyword Search: Use search queries that include phrases like “write for us,” “guest post guidelines,” “submit a guest post,” or “guest blogging opportunities,” followed by your niche or industry keywords.
Niche + Guest Post: Combine your niche or industry keyword with terms like “guest post,” “submit a guest post,” or “write for us.” For example, if you’re in the health and wellness niche, you might search “health and wellness guest post.”
Competitor Analysis: Identify competitors or experts in your field who have contributed guest posts. Search for their author profiles or use queries like “author name + guest post” to find sites they’ve written for.
Advanced Search Operators: Utilize Google’s advanced search operators to refine your results. For example, you can use “intitle:write for us” to find pages with “write for us” in their title.
Niche Directories: Some directories list websites that accept guest posts in specific niches. Search for directories related to your industry.
Social Media Searches: Sometimes, bloggers and website owners share guest posting opportunities on social media platforms. Search on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn using relevant hashtags or keywords.

What are some tips for refining search results for guest posting sites?

To refine your search results and find the most relevant guest posting sites:
Use Specific Keywords: Use niche-specific keywords and phrases to narrow down your results.
Location-Specific: If relevant, include location-specific keywords to find local guest posting opportunities.
Exclude Irrelevant Terms: Use the minus sign (-) before terms you want to exclude from search results.
Use Quotation Marks: Use quotation marks around phrases for exact matches. For example, “write for us” will search for that exact phrase.
Advanced Search Operators: Experiment with operators like site:, intitle:, inurl:, and intext: to target specific areas of websites.
Date Range: If you want the most recent opportunities, use Google’s search tools to filter by date range.

How can I evaluate if a guest posting site is worth contributing to?

When evaluating potential guest posting sites, consider these factors:
Relevance: The site should be related to your niche or industry to ensure your content reaches the right audience.
Authority: Check the site’s domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) using tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer or similar metrics. A higher score indicates better credibility.
Engagement: Look for sites with active engagement, regular updates, and a responsive audience.
Quality Content: Review the site’s existing content to ensure it maintains a high standard in terms of quality and value.
Backlink Policy: Check if the site allows you to include relevant backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks are an important benefit of guest posting.
Social Media Presence: A strong social media presence can indicate a site’s influence and reach.
Guest Post Examples: Look at previously published guest posts to gauge the quality and style expected.

What precautions should I take when reaching out to guest posting sites?

When reaching out to potential guest posting sites:
Read Guidelines: Thoroughly read and follow the site’s guest post guidelines to ensure your pitch aligns with their requirements.
Personalize Pitches: Tailor each pitch to the specific site and demonstrate your familiarity with their content.
Be Professional: Use a polite and professional tone in your communication.
Provide Value: Clearly explain how your proposed content will benefit their readers.
Follow Up: If you don’t receive a response, consider sending a follow-up email after a reasonable amount of time.
Respect Rejections: If your pitch is rejected, don’t take it personally. Learn from the experience and try elsewhere.
Remember, effective communication and adherence to guidelines can increase your chances of securing guest posting opportunities.

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