Banana Peel All You Need Know

Banana peel is a common but inconspicuous thing. Some people throw away bananas after eating, but you know? Girls who love beauty will know how to use banana peel, and its effect is even better than some big-name skin care products.

banana peel
banana peel

We can see a white layer inside the banana peel, which contains a lot of “banana peeling” This substance can beautify and nourish the skin. It can also treat some skin diseases if you persist for a long time. Benefits A lot! Let the editor tell you the four benefits of banana peels!

Banana Peel For Skin

It can moisturize your face and moisturize the skin

Everyone knows that the inside of the banana peel is very slippery and has a lot of water. We can directly apply the inner side of the banana peel evenly on the face or cut the banana peel into small pieces and apply it on the face. Keep it on for about ten minutes to improve the effect.

Can play a role in acne

The “banana peeling” mentioned above has the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi and can “anti-inflammatory” the skin, so it is also the “natural enemy” of acne. For beautiful eyebrows which are troubled by acne, You can try to apply the banana peel directly on the acne several times a day and persist for some time. You can see the obvious improvement effect of the acne on your face, the acne is no longer red and swollen, and the acne will naturally heal after a while. It disappeared, and you have a delicate and flawless face.

Banana peel acne
Banana peel acne

It has the effect of removing freckles, whitening and diluting scars

Bananas are rich in vitamin C, and banana peels are also rich in vitamin C, which has a whitening effect. Everyone knows that vitamin C can inhibit the precipitation of melanin. Usually, the spots on our faces are some melanin so banana peels can achieve the effect of freckle removal. In addition, banana peel can speed up the healing of scars and has obvious effects on new scars. Usually, the wounds left by acne removal keep the skin smooth and have a certain desalination effect on old scars.

Banana peel also has the effect of pitting wrinkles and shrinking pores

Wiping your face with banana peel can also refine wrinkles and shrink pores, so after eating bananas, don’t throw away the “treasure” in your hands. The forehead lines on the usually forehead affect the appearance. You can use banana peels more often. Just wipe it on. It can make the skin firmer, get rid of wrinkles, and look ten years younger.

The correct steps to wipe the face with banana peel

Clean the surface of the face

Before we use banana peel to wipe our face, we should use a facial cleanser and other cleaning products to clean the skin, which will help the absorption of nutrients later.

Use a banana peel to wipe or apply on the face evenly

After the face is clean, we can use a clean banana peel to wipe it or apply it on the face. For acne and spots, we can start a little harder and apply it for about ten minutes. Chop the skin into the mud, add water, and use it as a mask.


After wiping your face with banana peel, we also need to clean your face so that you can see that your skin is different from the original one. After cleaning, you can also use basic skin care products, such as lotion, toner, Moisturizing milk, etc., to consolidate the effect of the banana peel.

Bananas taste sweet and soft and are loved by the elderly and children. However, compared to this, the banana peel is less prevalent. However, these banana peels with a bitter taste have a higher application value than bananas! It can treat many diseases and has many wonderful uses in life.

Banana Peel can cure these 9 diseases

Banana peel is a perfect traditional medicine. Dried banana peels and boiled water with Fotanmu (a traditional medicine) is a good medicine for oral ulcers!


Drunkenness after drinking is very painful. Cut about 60 grams of banana peel into strips, boil it in water for 10 minutes, and drink it after cooling, and you can relieve the symptoms of drunkenness.

Relieve depression

The turquoise banana peel contains a lot of 5HT, which can be converted into serotonin after being boiled. Chopping the banana peel, boiling it, or squeezing it into juice can fight depression.

Treat chapped skin on hands and feet

After wiping your hands and feet with hot water each time, rub the inside of the banana peel to prevent chapped skin on your hands and feet. If there is already a crack, you can rub the banana peel directly on it and cure it by using it several times in a row.

Treat hemorrhoids and blood in the stool

Roast two bananas with their skins on the fire and then eat them while they are hot, which can improve hemorrhoids and blood in the stool.

Treat skin pruritus

Banana peel contains banana peel, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Experiments have proved that banana peels effectively treat skin itching and beriberi caused by fungi or bacteria. Patients can select fresh banana peels and rub them repeatedly on the itchy skin (tinea pedis, tinea, tinea corporis, etc.). Mash them into the mud, decoct them in water, wash them, and use them for several days to get effective results.

Treatment of warts

Apply the banana peel on the surface of warts (commonly known as warts) to soften them and fall off gradually until healed. This method can cure warts on the head and face. Apply banana peel several times, pinch it off with your fingers little by little, and it will not recur after being cured.

Skillfully prevent stroke

Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel and decoct soup instead of tea, dilating blood vessels and preventing stroke and angina pectoris.

Treat beriberi

Fungi cause part of an athlete’s foot, and the banana peel in the banana peel can play a role again. You can scrape off the membrane inside the banana peel and apply it on the affected area once a day for more than ten days to see results.

The beauty effect of banana peel

Moisturize the skin

Banana contains natural fruit acid, which makes them moisturizing and moisturizing. Friends with dry faces or skin can put the inside of the banana peel on the face and wash it with clean water after about 10 minutes to make the skin smooth. Tender and smooth, better than a mask!

Freckle removal and whitening

Banana peels are rich in vitamins A and C, which have anti-oxidant effects. Mash the banana peels into the mud, add warm water and apply to the face for 15 minutes. If you persist for a long time, the skin will become whiter and tenderer.

Whiten teeth

Banana peel contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, and other minerals, which can whiten the teeth after being absorbed by the teeth.

Tear a peel from a ripe but not blackened banana (reserve the rest for a few days), rub the inside of the peel against your teeth, wait 10 minutes and then brush with a dry toothbrush, then use a wet toothbrush to remove any residue Banana peel residue. Once a day, stick to it for more than two weeks, and you will see the effect!

How to eat banana peels

Can you eat a banana peel? Yes and here we explain you how to eat banana peels

  1. Take 30g-60g of banana peel and take it in decoction to cure high blood pressure.
  2. Take 30 grams of fresh banana peel and decoct soup instead of tea, which can dilate blood vessels and prevent stroke and angina pectoris.
  3. Take three banana peels and take them after stewing. It can treat hemorrhoid pain and bleeding in stool.

Other functions of banana peel

Banana peel for erase ink stains

The natural oils in the banana peel combine with the ink stain to remove stains effectively. Rub the ink stains with a banana peel, then rinse with water. It will remove the ink stains very easily!

Banana peel for remove oil stains

Use a banana peel to wipe the oil-stained plates and bowls several times, then rinse them with clean water. The oil stains will be removed and can be used for emergencies.

Banana peel for polish potted plants

The leaves will be dull and dull if the potted plants are kept at home for a long time. Wipe it with a banana peel, and the leaves will be shiny and shiny, just as beautiful as when you first bought them!

Be careful when eating bananas

Unripe bananas are prone to constipation

We all know that when bananas are immature, the outer skin is green, and when the outer skin is peeled off, it is too astringent to swallow. Ripe bananas have no astringent taste, are soft and sweet, and are loved by children and the elderly. Bananas are tropical and subtropical fruits. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, when picking bananas, they cannot wait for them to ripen, but they must be picked and put into storage when the banana skins are green.

Bananas should not be stored in the refrigerator

We all know that bananas are picked when they are six or seven years old, because they mature very quickly. If they are picked when they are ripe, they will not taste good and will not look fresh. Then after the bananas are picked, the temperature requirements for storage are also higher, generally 11-13 degrees Celsius, while the storage of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator is generally around 4 degrees Celsius, up to 8 degrees Celsius.

Avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach

We say that bananas can be used as a food supplement, but they should not be eaten in large quantities on an empty stomach. Because bananas contain a lot of potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, for normal people, a large intake of potassium and magnesium can make the sodium and calcium in the body out of balance, which is bad for health.

Banana peel fertilizer

Banana peels as fertilizer is environmentally friendly and nutritious, and it has no unpleasant smell. If you feel that the smell of flower fertilizer is unpleasant and you don’t want to buy fertilizer, you can try this method, which will save you a lot of fertilizer money. First, chop the banana peel, add water and put it in a prepared plastic bucket, and then put it in the sun to ferment. During the fermentation process, it may emit a bad smell. At this time, you can add a little orange peel, orange The skin has a deodorizing effect.

Banana peel fertilizer
Banana peel fertilizer

In spring, banana peels can be fully fermented in less than a month. After the fermentation is completed, continue to dilute with 1:10 water, and then it will be a very good fertilizer. Pour it into the watering can and spray it on the soil, it will be enough for the plants Using banana peels as a nutrient solution can not only provide nutrients but also balance the pH of the soil, which is beneficial to plant growth.

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