How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2: Best Way

How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2! If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a celestial architect in the virtual world of Little Alchemy 2, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the process of How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2. Creating planets in this enchanting game is a cosmic journey that’s both intriguing and rewarding. Whether you’re a budding alchemist or a seasoned player, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of crafting your very own celestial bodies. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the universe!


Little Alchemy 2 is a game of experimentation and discovery. Your mission? To combine various elements to create new ones, unlocking the secrets of the virtual world. Among the countless combinations, crafting planets is a particularly exciting endeavor. In this guide, we’ll reveal the steps to bring celestial wonders into existence.

How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2

Creating a planet may sound like an astronomical challenge, but it’s simpler than you think. You only need two primary elements to embark on this cosmic adventure:

Total Time: 3 minutes


Begin by adding the “earth” element to your play area. Earth is represented by a globe icon.


Next, introduce the “space” element to the earth. Space is depicted as a starry night sky.


As you combine earth and space, watch the magic unfold. Soon, you’ll witness the birth of a brand-new planet right before your eyes.

The Fastest Way to Create a Planet

For those who crave instant gratification, here’s a pro tip:

  • Big Bang: Combine the “big bang” and “earth” elements to create a planet instantly. This shortcut will have you exploring the cosmos in no time.
How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2
How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While crafting planets is relatively straightforward, steer clear of these pitfalls:

  • Wrong Elements: Make sure you’re using the correct elements. Confusing earth with another substance won’t yield a planet.
  • Skipping Steps: Attempting to create a planet without earth or space is a recipe for disappointment. Stick to the basics!

Uses of Planets in the Game

Now that you’re well-versed in planet creation, let’s explore their importance within the game:

  • Solar Systems: Planets serve as the building blocks for constructing entire solar systems. Unlock new combinations and elements by experimenting with different planetary arrangements.
  • Astronomical Discoveries: Planets are often key components in discovering more complex and fascinating elements, such as galaxies and stars.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Planets in the Game

As with any element in Little Alchemy 2, planets come with their own set of pros and cons:


  • Gateway to the Universe: Planets are your passport to exploring the vastness of the game’s universe. They lead to endless possibilities.
  • Versatile Building Blocks: Planets are versatile elements that open doors to a multitude of exciting combinations and discoveries.


  • Common Element: Planets are relatively common in the game, which may reduce the thrill of creating them compared to rarer elements.
  • Overlooking Complexity: Focusing solely on planets can cause you to overlook the intricacies of the game’s more intricate combinations.

Tips and Tricks

To excel in Little Alchemy 2 and make the most of your cosmic adventures, consider these tips:

  • Experiment Wildly: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations. Sometimes, the most unexpected pairings lead to the most extraordinary results.
  • Keep a Cosmic Journal: Maintain a record of your successful combinations and discoveries. It’s a valuable reference for future interstellar experiments.
  • Embrace Creativity: While hints are available in the game, there’s nothing more satisfying than uncovering new elements through your own creative ingenuity.

Facts About Planets in the Game

Let’s delve into some intriguing facts about planets in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Cosmic Significance: Planets symbolize the endless possibilities and exploration that await you in the game’s universe.
  • Astronomy Inspiration: Little Alchemy 2 draws inspiration from the wonders of astronomy, where planets play a central role in understanding the cosmos.
  • Infinite Combinations: The possibilities for combining planets with other elements are virtually limitless, ensuring you’ll never run out of cosmic surprises.


In conclusion of How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2, as you embark on your celestial adventures in Little Alchemy 2, crafting planets is just the beginning of your journey. The universe is your laboratory, and with each combination, you uncover a new cosmic wonder. Remember to savor the thrill of discovery, and may your cosmic creations light up the virtual night sky with wonder and awe. Here you can check more Little Alchemy 2 guides like How to Make Light in Little Alchemy 2, and How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy 2.

FAQs About How to Make a Planet in Little Alchemy 2

Can I create planets without using earth or space?

No, earth and space are essential ingredients for crafting planets in Little Alchemy 2. Attempting to skip these steps won’t lead to a planet.

Are there secret combinations involving planets?

While there are no official “secrets,” experimenting with different planetary arrangements can lead to exciting discoveries.

What are some advanced elements that require planets?

Planets are integral to creating complex elements like galaxies and stars, unlocking deeper layers of the game’s universe.

Can I undo a combination if I make a mistake?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to undo a combination in Little Alchemy 2. Approach each combination with care and curiosity.

Is creating planets a common task in the game?

Yes, planets are relatively common, but they serve as essential building blocks for more intricate combinations.

Are there in-game hints for creating planets?

Yes, the game provides hints, but it’s often more rewarding to rely on your creativity and experimentation.

What’s the ultimate goal in Little Alchemy 2?

The goal is to discover as many elements as possible by creatively combining different elements and unraveling the mysteries of the virtual world.

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