What are OTT Services? What are the Benefits of Subscribing to Them? 

What are OTT Services? OTT or Over-the-Top services have gained traction swiftly over the past few years. If you are not aware of what OTT services are, these are services that allow you to access audio, video, and other forms of content. Mainly, OTT services refer to video streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and various others.  

Some viewers prefer to have both OTT services and cable to enjoy the best of both worlds. A must-have requisite for businesses is to have a dependable internet connection. You can visit https://tvandinternetdeal.com/spectrum-internet/ to check out Spectrum’s plans or find suitable plans from some other ISP.  Dig into this blog to know more about OTT services. 

The Increasing Trend of Cord Cutting 

Viewers have been increasingly embracing the trend of cord cutting for many reasons. Cord cutting is simply going for cordless solutions for content streaming. And more and more people are joining this trend because, with traditional cable TV, you must sit in front of a television to enjoy a show.

What are OTT Services
What are OTT Services

Cable has its pluses like a massive library of shows, early access to episodes, more channels, live sports, news, and the list goes on. But for many, OTT services provide ample entertainment so that they don’t feel there is a need for cable. Mostly millennials and Gen Z are the ones who usually want to cut cords.  


But with cord cutting solutions, you can catch up with your favorite series straight from your phone, laptop, or smart television. You don’t even have to be at home to watch what you like. With dependable internet access, you can easily stream episodes even when you’re on a picnic. 

When you are out of your house and do not want to exhaust mobile data watching a new episode in HD resolution, you can download a few a night before. Yes, OTT platforms offer you the option of downloading content on your smartphones and other devices. It’s a similar concept to recording shows on a cable connection’s DVR. However, this feature uses your device’s internal storage. Also, the downloads may have an expiration date. It is more advisable to download a few episodes at a time only.  

Convenience is one of the main reasons behind more people opting for OTT services over cable.  


Many cable services require customers to make initial deposits. On top of that, the cable setup and installation are some other costs a customer has to bear. Lastly, the monthly bill increases after the promotional period. An average cable connection costs you somewhere between $50 to $100. Higher plans can even cost up to $200, which is quite expensive.  

In contrast, OTT services are quite affordable. A Netflix subscription will cost you between $7 to $20. With lower-priced plans, you will have to endure a few ads. And higher plans show you more titles and no ads. The same goes with other streaming services too.  

You can get extra value for money by subscribing to Amazon Prime. You get faster delivery on your purchases and access to Prime Video and Amazon Music. In other words, you get access to plenty of audio and video content for a small cost. Even if you combine subscriptions of two or three services, the cost will still be lower compared to cable.  

Lesser Commercials 

For those who hate long commercial breaks on traditional TV, subscribing to a streaming platform can save you. Even the lower-priced plans that include commercials usually have a tolerable frequency. Or you can simply ditch ads by paying a little extra.  

Besides watching recorded shows on most platforms, you can also stream popular cable channels like FOX Network, ABC, and NBC on Hulu. Higher plans of Hulu have similar pricing to cable but without the cords. A good thing about Hulu commercials is the fact that they are more tolerable. You can even set your preferences and only see specific types of ads.  


Over-the-Top services have plenty of positives about them like faster more affordable prices, convenience, and lesser ads. However, these services may not be a replacement for cable for many because of more channels and more programming. Still, the affordable prices of OTT services make them worth trying.  

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