What is Barley Tea Its Benefits and Side Effects

In this article, Vigorousism introduces you to what barley tea is, how to make barley tea, the benefits of barley tea, the side effects, and whether barley tea contains caffeine, etc. Share your view with us in comments at the end of this Article.

Barley tea is a popular drink worldwide and is widely believed to support health, including weight loss, regulating blood sugar, relieving digestive problems, and even improving male fertility. Unfortunately, there isn’t much scientific evidence to support these claims.

What is barley tea?

Barley tea, also known as Korean barley tea or roasted barley tea, is a popular hot and cold beverage in Asia. In Korea, the drink is knowns as bori cha (bori means barley, and cha means tea). In Japan, the drink is mugicha, and in China, it’s damai cha or mai cha.

The main ingredient in barley tea is, of course, roasted barley. Barley is beloved by healthy eaters for its high fiber content and a mild taste. The grain is easily used in recipes, bread, and cereals and can also be fermented and used to produce some alcoholic beverages such as beer and distilled beverages.

Barley Tea Benefits and Side Effects
Barley Tea Benefits and Side Effects

The taste of barley tea often describes as light and nutty. However, some Korean tea vendors add roasted corn to the recipe for extra sweetness. When corn adds, the tea is called oksusu bori cha.

How to Make Barley Tea

The easiest way to make barley tea at home is to buy ready-made barley in a package or buy roasted (ready-to-brew) barley online or in a store—barley tea sales in major online shopping malls or supermarket stores.

If you choose to make barley tea from scratch, you’ll start with roasted barley. You can roast barley on the stovetop (without oil) or in a preheated oven. Toast the grains until lightly browned but not too dark.

Steps for making barley tea:

  • Add about two tablespoons of the roasted barley to a medium pot (eight cups of water) and boil.
  • Reduce heat to low and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your taste. Remove from heat and let cool.
  • Reheat barley tea and drink it as hot tea, or chill barley water in the refrigerator.
  • Some tea drinkers will add a small amount of lemon or a sweetener (such as honey or sugar) to enhance the tea’s flavor. You can also add Spices such as cardamom to hot and cold beverages.

Does Barley Tea Contain Caffeine?

Barley tea is not “tea” in the traditional sense, nor is it made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant like black or green tea. It is brewed with barley and does not contain any caffeine. Barley tea is, therefore, completely caffeine-free.

Health Benefits of Barley Tea

Anecdotal reports of the benefits of barley tea are numerous. This tea Helps in the following:

  • stomach pain
  • Reduces sleep disturbances and other sleep-related problems
  • reduce constipation
  • Promotes prostate health and improves male fertility
  • Treating the Common Cold
  • prevent tooth decay
  • as a blood thinner
  • Aid in weight loss
  • reduce cholesterol

There is little research to support those barley tea health claims. That refers to(especially those related to digestive health and weight loss) the health benefits of barley as a whole grain.

Barley is high in fiber, which can improve regularity and help. Dieters feel full longer and eat less. But the fiber benefits come from eating the whole grain of barley, not drinking barley tea.

Barley Tea Side Effects

Barley tea is safe for most people. But if you have a grain allergy, celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, you may need to avoid any products that contain barley.

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