How to make barley tea – Benefits, Precaution & Storage Tips

Nowadays, many people like to drink tea, and barley tea is a relatively common tea. The aroma of barley tea is the aroma of sunlight and whole grains. So, how to make barley tea? What are the effects of barley tea? What are the precautions for drinking barley tea? Let’s find out below.

How to make barley tea

  • Soak it directly with hot water in the supermarket. We can see some finished packaged barley tea. These tea cups are made into small bags. It is very simple to drink; just put the tea bag into the cup, then pour boiled water. Let it sit for a few minutes until the temperature of the water cools down. Then you can drink it.
  • Boil barley tea with hot water. Put the purchased barley tea into a bowl and pour water into a small pot. After the water boils, pour the barley tea into the pot and then use it. After simmering for a few minutes, turn off the heat and serve. In the hot summer, to make barley tea more effective in relieving the heat, you can put the brewed barley tea in the refrigerator and drink it after refrigeration. You can also add rock sugar to enhance the taste.
  • Make tea with wolfberry and drink barley tea. In addition to the above two drinking methods, you can also drink tea with wolfberry. Do not put too much wolfberry. Combining the two can play a role in our body’s immune function—perfect effect.
  • Make tea with chrysanthemums. Drinking chrysanthemums has the effect of clearing away fire and detoxification. When drinking barley tea, you can put about two to three chrysanthemums to make tea together. The combination of the two tastes good and has more effects.
How to make barley tea
How to make barley tea

Benefits of barley tea

  • Overeating chest tightness and abdominal distension, stir-fried black and grind it. It can reduce inflammation and swelling, adjust the middle and stop diarrhoea.
  • Children with indigestion, sallow and emaciated, old and weak people who eat less and are fatigued, take barley with sugar to nourish qi and strengthen their stomach.
  • For peptic ulcers, barley is the staple food, which can calm stomach qi and relieve dull pain.
  • If you are hot and thirsty, use barley to decoct water and tea to clear away summer heat and produce body fluids, relieve restlessness and quench your thirst.

How to drink barley tea

  • Put the barley tea into boiling water, boil it for about 5-10 minutes and drink it.
  • Soak the barley tea in boiling water for 2-3 minutes before drinking.
  • Put the brewed barley tea in the refrigerator to refrigerate. It has a unique flavour and is cool and refreshing. It is a good summer drink and suitable for drinking in summer.

Precautions of drinking barley tea in water

  • It is better not to drink barley tea for people with poor stomachs because if this group of people drink it, it will cause stomach discomfort. If the problem is severe, there may be diarrhoea, which is not conducive to health.
  • Pregnant women should be cautious when taking barley tea. Vigorousism recommends that women during pregnancy should not drink barley tea. It is likely to cause the body to swallow milk and is also not conducive to the fetus’s health.
  • It is best not to drink barley tea on an empty stomach, as it can easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort at this time. Drinking barley tea on an empty stomach will cause the body to appear in a trance, causing dizziness, pulse, and weakness of hands and feet.

Barley Tea Storage Tips

Barley tea is mainly made of barley, with some flavouring agents added and carefully fried. It has a strong taste, and many people like to drink it. If barley tea is not stored correctly, it will go bad quickly. Barley is prone to dampness at home, so when choosing a container, it is best to be closed. It can also prevent the invasion of diseases and insect pests.

  • It is best to store barley tea in a sealed ceramic jar, which is moisture-proof, insect-proof, odour-proof, and light-proof. The pot must not have an odour. Clear airtight jars are best stored in a storage cabinet.
  • Do not mix and store different types of barley tea. Otherwise, it is easy to smell, especially the varieties with a strong aroma, such as lavender, which should not be stored together with barley tea.
  • Do not store barley tea of the same type and purchase at different times together. Otherwise, it will speed up the loss of aroma.
  • The storage period of barley tea is generally 1 to 2 years. The longer the storage time, the worse the colour and aroma.

Tips: The storage method of barley tea is simple, and the same technique can be used for many teas. You can no longer eat deteriorated barley tea to prevent adverse effects on the human body.

Best time to drink barley tea

Except for the following four periods, you should be cautious when drinking barley tea, and it is suitable to drink it at other times.

On an empty stomach

Drinking barley tea during the fasting period is not allowed. It will cause hyperactive symptoms in some people, like dizziness, weakness of hands and feet, and trance. People who do not drink tea often, especially those who drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning, are more prone to the above symptoms.

When drunk

Tea has the effect of exciting the nerve centre, and drinking strong tea after drinking will increase the burden on the heart.

Before going to bed

The substances in tea, when absorbed by the human body, have an apparent excitatory effect on the central nervous system. Drinking tea excites the spirit, affects sleep, and even leads to insomnia.

Medication period

Some older people suffering from chronic diseases need to take medicine for a long time, and it is not suitable to drink tea while taking many medications.

Barley tea is not suitable for people

  • You should not be used for nausea and abdominal distension caused by damp heat or food accumulation.
  • Patients with chronic constipation, liver and kidney disease, high blood pressure and heart disease should not use it.
  • Barley has the function of returning milk, which is unsuitable for breastfeeding women.
  • People with a bad stomachs. If you drink it, you will feel stomach discomfort, and in severe cases, you may have diarrhoea.
  • Drinking barley tea on an empty stomach is not advisable.
  • Do not drink overnight tea. In addition, it is best to drink barley tea immediately after brewing. Only drink barley tea that has been overnight or for several days, especially since it is unsuitable for children’s health.

Conclusion: Everyone knows about barley tea. Barley tea is mainly made of barley, with some flavouring agents added, and it is made after careful frying. It has a strong taste, and many people like to drink it. Tea drinking more barley tea has many benefits, but drinking tea should be drunk at the right time.

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