How To Make Hair Grow Fast 9 Ways

How to make hair grow fast? Especially for girls all want to have long black hair, which is elegant and charming, but due to inadequate daily care, the hair frequently falls off or the hair grows very slowly, which is due to insufficient daily maintenance caused by.

How to make hair grow fast

Diligent combing method

Remember to comb the hair for a long time every day because combing the hair can promote the blood circulation of the head. And at the same time, it enhances the vitality of the scalp cells, making the hair overgrow. It is best to comb the hair with a wooden comb, does not use Nylon combs are quickly generate static electricity, which can cause adverse irritation to the scalp.

Rice water shampoo

It is said that washing your hair with rice water can also make it grow faster, which is how Dai women use it. Leave the water after washing the rice every day, add an appropriate amount of hot water, and adjust the temperature. Long-term use can promote hair growth.

Maintain good eating habits

The main component of hair is keratin, which contains various amino acids and dozens of trace elements. If you lack iron and protein, your hair will turn yellow and split ends. Without vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein, and iodine, the hair will be dry, dull, and easy to break. Seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss will occur when the vitamin B group is deficient, so take more protein (such as meat, liver, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, cheese, etc.), calcium, colloid (fish food) and dark vegetable food.

How to make hair grow fast
How to make hair grow fast

Beer Conditioner

Wash and dry the hair, apply 1/8 of the whole bottle of beer evenly on the hair, and do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the roots of the hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with clean water, and then comb your hair with a wooden comb or horn comb. The effective nutrients in beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing dry hair from falling out and can make hair shiny.

Get more head massages

When you are free in daily life, you can use a head massager to massage the scalp, which can promote blood circulation in the head and promote healthy and rapid hair growth.

Develop good sleep habits

Sufficient sleep habits can maintain the body’s regular metabolism, and hair can also grow.

Use different brands of shampoo

Use a different brand of shampoo frequently. It is best to change the shampoo often. Keep the hair clean and comb it often to promote the blood circulation of the scalp and promote hair growth at the same time.

Use the hair dryer sparingly

If the temperature of the hair dryer is too high, it will damage the hair tissue. After the hair is damaged, it will be challenging to make the hair grow normally, so it is better to use less or no hair dryer.

Avoid hot-dyed hair

The alkaline components and oxidation in the perm hair dye lotion will cause the scales on the surface of the hair to be destroyed. Keeping the hair’s internal structure in an unprotected state will cause the loss of internal moisture and nutrients. That is harmful to the hair, scalp, and hair follicles and will more or less denature the keratin protein, making the hair prone to yellowing and brittleness. No shine, no elasticity.


The growth of hair is closely related to the care in our daily life. Perm and dyed hair will cause significant damage to the hair quality, so pay attention to daily maintenance and repair, and use more nourishing conditioners for care.

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